Dr.Manoj Singhal is the Medical Director and Cosmetic Specialist and oversees all of the clinic’s procedures. Dr. Singhal starts with a comprehensive assessment of your skin texture, quality, pigment, volume loss and shape. Through the natural aging process, bone and fat pads under the skin that act as a support start to thin. The skin sags and appears tired and wrinkled.

Every face ages differently. Some notice their cheeks flattening when younger while others keep that desired “cherub” roundness well into later years. A customized consultation and treatment is essential. We need to carefully identify where to focus the rejuvenation that is right for each person.

Age-related volume loss occurs in many areas of the face, cheeks, temples, tear troughs, lips and beneath the corners of the mouth. Dr Singhal injects dermal fillers to rejuvenate the whole face in a balanced, even way. Different thickness fillers are needed in different areas, giving a natural correction all over.

Comfortable and calm injection techniques are employed to produce a relaxed, refreshed natural look. A wide range of cutting-edge, non-invasive cosmetic treatments to help you look and feel younger are employed. We provide advanced filler, Botox, Dysport and Belkyra (“double chin”) treatments.

For a natural cosmetic enhancement, it is vital to seek out an experienced physician with an aesthetic vision. This will bring out your best features and allow you to look and feel your best.