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Dermal Fillers

At MetrovanAntiaging / Richmond Cosmetics Dr. Singhal injects Dermal Fillers to achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance. We are pleased to provide a soft lift experience with full facial effects. We inject cheeks, temples, brow lift, forehead, tear troughs, jaw line, chin, nose, lateral mouth, lips with excellent cosmetic results. Dr. Singhal has performed upper eyelid hollow filler injections and neck lines. Dr.Singhal also does neck hydration injections. We are not happy unless our client is happy and experiences a fantastic experience. We have great experience with advanced faces and advanced asian faces.

Dr. Singhal works with each client to achieve the best “wow“ factor at the most reasonable rates.

The common condition of cheeks drooping and creating a hollow flat below the eyes is a sign of aging which can be improved wonderfully with a non-surgical facelift. Cheek augmentation can be achieved with treatments offered at our clinic for plump ,full cheeks.

This will make you look less tired and more youthful. Some find a simple bump on the nose can be bothersome and we can use filler to perform a lunchtime “nosejob”. Many wish for more luscious lips they weren’t born with or that have gone away with time. We perform lip augmentation for a pleasing natural look.

We pride ourselves in providing safe, non-surgical treatments to address cosmetic concerns for what bothers our clients. A compliment is not “ what work did you have done ?”. We want to hear “you look less tired, have you lost weight, or I can’t pinpoint what is different and lovely about your appearance”.

We love hearing our clients’ friends and colleagues say they look amazing, rested and fabulous but they weren’t able to figure out why. We are happy when our clients put themselves first for a change and they come back looking better and feeling better. Looking better is nice and feeling better is absolutely priceless.